Visual Support Cards for Teaching Children with ASD

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In one ear and out the other. Out of sight is out of mind."

These old sayings are especially true for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Because children with ASD tend to be visual learners, our laminated Visual Support Cards are the perfect tool to improve your success when teaching children with ASD.

From instructional steps to behavioral expectations, you will love having these 8 visual support cards poolside with you when you're teaching a child with ASD.

""I taught special education for 10 years (mainly deaf and hard of hearing students) and you have created a great checklist!! I will definitely incorporate it into our program (giving you full credit, of course!). I hope to meet you at an USSSA conference some day! I have enjoyed watching all of your videos!""Carrie DeMont, Owner
DeMont Family Swim School
Tucson, Arizona