How It Works

Learning Path

7-course online video curriculum that goes from basic swim strokes to advanced swimming techniques

The main curriculum shows swim instructors how to teach basic, intermediary and advanced swim strokes

  • Foundations of Teaching
  • Parent & Tot
  • Swim 101/102/103 Basic Swim Strokes
  • Swim 201/202/203 Intermediate Swim Strokes
  • Swim 301/302/303 Advanced Swim Strokes: Breaststroke
  • Swim 301/302/303 Advanced Swim Strokes: Butterfly
  • Lifesaving Strokes 401/402/304

Online Learning Platform

We have a brand new online video learning platform with support for both desktop and mobile devices.


Each course is paired with a corresponding exam on the swim instruction techniques and a certification is awarded

After you going through each Swim Lessons course, you are ready to take the accompanying online test for certification. Once passed a downloadable Certificate of Completion will immediately appear.

This swim instructor certification is signed by Jim Reiser, President of Swim Lessons University, and World Aquatic Babies and Children Network (WABC) president, Steve Graves. Swim Lesson University's instructor certifications are endorsed by the WABC.

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans for proper progression of swim students also serve as a thorough study guide for the certification exam

Each course in the curriculum has a corresponding lesson plan. Lesson Plans include exact exercises, instructions, cues, and progressions that Swim Lessons University Executive Director Jim Reiser uses every day for every class he teaches.

They’re available to view and as a downloadable PDF within each relevant course offering.

Swim Lessons Awards Progression and Water Safety System

A fun way to recognize students' progress

Swim Lessons University has developed an innovative system for rewarding swimmers as they complete each course. Children are given a brightly colored bracelet for each completed swimming course that is color coded to help communicate to parents, teachers, and lifeguards the skill level of each child as they progress through the swim lesson curriculum.