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Infant-Toddler Class Series: Pop-up Breath Swim Progression Fun!

In this video, you will see the beginning steps of the Swim Lessons University progression for the Surface Swim with a Pop-up Breath.

Water Safety Series: How to Make Jumps Safer in Swim Lessons

All it takes is one child to change his or her mind about jumping in mid air and if you're not in the right position, you'll never forgive yourself if the child is seriously injured.

Swim Class Series: How to Make Demonstrations More Engaging for Preschoolers

In this video, you get to see how engaged my four preschool students are while playing a game I created called "You're The Coach!"

Swim Lessons Series: How the SwimWays Power Swimr Helps Children Learn-to-Swim

My student Kaleb has not developed a dependency on the SwimWays Power Swimr Flotation Device. Rather, he has progressively become a stronger swimmer, improved his breath control, and learns to swim using a natural progression, and all the while ENJOYING the process of learning to swim!

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