Swim Instructor Training and Certification Since 1995

A comprehensive Learn To Swim curriculum with video-based training and online certification.

How It Works

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos with step-by-step guidelines on how to encourage and develop children's swimming skills and techniques.

Certification Testing

Once your swimming instructors complete their video training, they can then take our online tests for certification.


With the completed test, the swimming instructor is presented a Certificate of Completion - signed by Jim Reiser, President of Swim Lessons University.

Courses and Certifications

Our swimming instructor training and certification system is comprehensive, easy to access and apply, and includes the supporting tools, such as lesson plans and a water safety focused awards system, to make your Learn To Swim program a success.

The #1 goal of Swim Lessons University is to make swim teacher training and certification easier, more cost effective, and practical.


Swim Lessons University has developed an innovative system for rewarding swimmers as they complete each course.

Children are given a brightly colored bracelet for each completed swimming course that is color coded to help communicate to parents, teachers, and lifeguards the skill level of each child as they progress through the swim lesson curriculum.

James Reiser, Founder

James Reiser, Founder and Executive Director of Swim Lessons University, holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Motor Learning with an extensive background.

Jim spent 12 years as the Professor of Aquatics at the University of South Carolina teaching all its’ swimming, lifeguarding, and water safety classes. As a competitive swim coach, Coach Reiser led his USA Swimming club team, Team Carolina, to back-to-back state championships and produced 20 National Top 16 swimmers.