Swim 102/103 Course

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Included in our improved eLearning platform

  • 1 Lesson Plan PDF
  • 7 Chapters
  • 1 Certification Exam
  • 1 Course Certificate (upon passing exam)
  • Accessible from computer or mobile device

We've combined a number of our previous products into one comprehensive course that includes all you need to learn and get right into teaching students.  Separately these products were sold for a total of $75, the new packaging results in a savings of $25.

Course Details

"60 minutes of video loaded with invaluable information, techniques, and strategies! Not only will you get an inside look on how to be more effective when teaching beginners -- you will learn how to teach in a more practical manner, and your lessons will be dynamic and engaging!"

In this brand new video, you will witness "The Swim Professor" teaching three 6 year olds of three different ethnic backgrounds (an African American girl, a Caucasian girl, and an Asian boy) whom all are actual Swim 102 students.

You will learn how we teach:

  • Freestyle kick
  • Breath Holding
  • Breath Control
  • Back kick
  • In-line kick
  • Freestyle (w/o Side Breathing)
Plus, you will learn the progressions, drills, and teaching strategies and witness them really working throughout this fantastic instructional video!


Congrats on your new award! You are doing so much for the swimming community: your appreciation and knowledge of the sport, your business sense and your understanding of children and how they learn is revolutionizing the swim lesson industry.

Your efforts have not only given me the confidence to start BARRacuda Swim Works, they have also reminded me of the critical importance of our profession. Your passion is apparent and catching - it is important to teach children and their parents how to enjoy the water, safely, and to help them develop a skill they can enjoy their entire life.

As an Olympic swimmer, I've lived "Swimming," the noun, for so long, I forgot how important the verb is to those who do not know how to do it. Swimming in the water with these little guys has reminded me not to diminish the gift I have to give I've been surprised at the gifts I have received from doing it. You are an innovator and I, personally and professionally, am better for it. Thank you, Jim!

Beth Barr
Beth Barr
Beth Barr BullardBARRacuda Swim Works
1988 Olympic Silver Medalist
After three summers of coordinating a solid and safe camp pool curriculum, I decided to implement the Swim Lesson University program this past year. Not only did it satisfy our requirements for American Camp Association accreditation, but training our staff was effective and relatively simple. Executive Director Jim Reiser was generous with his advice, made himself available, and was helpful in implementing the program. Not to mention the videos are great. The campers and staff really enjoyed the new program and the level of instruction and learning was better than ever. The summer was safe, fun, and the most rewarding one yet for me as pool coordinator.

I wasn't sure just how positive of an impact the SLU program had until we got our camper surveys back and discovered our pool program scored our highest results in camper satisfaction ever! I highly recommend this program to anyone teaching swimming and I found it especially beneficial as the backbone to our camp swim program. Thanks Jim!
Tim Boyer
Pool Coordinator
Golden Slipper Camp

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