Lifesaving Strokes 401/402/403 Course

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  • 1 Lesson Plan PDF
  • 10 Chapters
  • 1 Certification Exam
  • 1 Course Certificate (upon passing exam)
  • Accessible from computer or mobile device

We've combined a number of our previous products into one comprehensive course that includes all you need to learn and get right into teaching students.  Separately these products were sold for a total of $75, the new packaging results in a savings of $25.

Course Details

In the Lifesaving Strokes 402 video, Swim Lessons University will share with you how we teach the sidestroke, elementary backstroke, and treading water. Not only are these important skills for a child to learn if he/she ever wants to become a certified lifeguard, they are also lifetime skills!

Executive Director Jim Reiser breaks down each of these complex skills into simple, easy-to-follow, steps and progressions. You will also get to see two seven-year olds swim strokes that they have never tried before!

As always, you will get to see awesome underwater footage of the children learning the skills, as well as Jim demonstrating the strokes. The video also includes graphics that emphasize the critical techniques, components, and progressions! You are going to absolutely love the arrangement organization and breakdown of each of the strokes and skills.

Lastly, while this video was designed especially for children between the ages 4 to 12 year old, you can easily adapt it to teach students of any age!

So what are you waiting for? Order the Lifesaving Strokes Video today!



Swim Lessons University will help you experience the joy of teaching your child to swim better.

Steve Graves

Steves Graves
Founder - National Swim School Association
Executive Director of World Aquatic Babies & Children’s Network
Jim Reiser has produced a wonderful collection of educational tools that parents and teachers alike may draw useful techniques and ideas for fun, effective and developmentally appropriate learning experiences in the water. Jim is a strong voice for the Safer 3 Drowning Prevention message and he is to be praised for his effort to bring the message not only to his swim school students but to school children and families in his region and now through this video to the whole country.
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson
President, Swim for Life Foundation
Golden Slipper Camp
President, National Drowning Prevention Alliance
Past President, U.S. Swim School Association
President, Blue Buoy Swim School Inc.


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