From Tears to Cheers

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  • Have you ever had a student who cried or was so fearful that they wouldn't get in the water?
  • Has your own child ever expressed that they were scared and you weren't sure what you should do?
  • Would you like to see those tears turn into cheers?
  • Then you don't want to miss out on the Swim Professor's secrets!

In "From Tears to Cheers," you will learn how to help children overcome their fears. In this information-packed, 30-minute audio program, Jim Reiser, the Swim Professor, will share with you everything you need to know. These techniques have been tested and tried over and over--earning almost a 100% success rate!

Because no child deserves a stressful, traumatic introduction to the water-you too want to hear these secrets. Order your "From Tears to Cheers" audio program today!



I'm honored to have had the opportunity to review your videos and books. I have watched each one of them and I am truly impressed. You have done an great job. You are truly a "swim professor!" (Vi Najjar was actually taught Jim to swim when he was five years old and certified Jim as a lifeguard when he was 16 years old).
Vi Najjar
Vi Najjar
Water Safety Instructor
Greater Johnstown YWCA
The Swim Lessons University CD's are extremely well done and professionally thought out. Jim Reiser is a master coach, master teacher who has contributed incalculable measure to improving water safety and comfort for many people to date. I am confident his series will help thousands more, as well.
John Trembley
John Trembley
Former Head Swimming Coach at the University of Tennessee
Coach of Olympic Breaststroker Jeremy Linn