Bathtub Baby 101, DVD

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Your Baby's First Swimming Lesson!

In Bathtub Baby 101, Your Baby's First Swimming Lesson, you will learn how to make your bathtub experience a positive one and what every parent should know. You will learn:

  • How to keep your baby safer
  • How to prepare your bathroom
  • How to prepare your baby
  • How to hold your baby
  • How and what skills to teach your baby
  • How to comfort your baby if he/she cries
  • How to ensure a happy experience

As a new parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your baby, which is one of the primary objectives of this DVD. You want to prepare your baby for a lifelong love affair with the water, and Bathtub Baby 101 is the beginning of that journey. The water is also the perfect medium to enhance your baby's physical, mental, emotional, and social development.

Bath time is about to become one of the most enjoyable parts of your day as you bond with your new baby! In fact, you are going to be so thrilled with Bathtub Baby 101 -- you will wonder how you would have ever survived without it!



Jim Reiser has done it again. His Bathtub Baby 101 is a wonderful gift for young parents looking for a way to introduce their infant to the water in a way that provides a foundation for later learn to swim lessons. Jim presents valuable ideas and most of all establishes the concept of safety right from the start of a child's aquatic journey. My slogan is : Great Beginnings...Lead to Great Finishes and Jim has certainly provided an opportunity for many more Great Beginnings.
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson
President, Swim for Life Foundation
Golden Slipper Camp
President, National Drowning Prevention Alliance
Past President, U.S. Swim School Association
President, Blue Buoy Swim School Inc.