Advanced Swim Strokes 301/302/303 Course

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We've combined a number of our previous products into one comprehensive course that includes all you need to learn and get right into teaching students.  Separately these products were sold for a total of $95, the new packaging results in a savings of $45.

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Make no mistake about it. Breaststroke and Butterfly are two of the most difficult strokes for most children to learn.

  1. Breaststroke - One reason is the inherent complexity of the breaststroke which is an uncontrollable. The second reason, however, is a controllable. Most swimming instructors know how to swim the breaststroke, but to teach it successfully the instructors need both teaching tricks and a proven methods that will significantly increase their effectiveness.
  2. Butterfly – Similar to the Breaststroke, there is the inherent complexity of the Butterfly.  In particular when you get into the timing of the breath, the timing of the kick and entry of the hands which requires also a particular head position. And then of course the positioning of the head and shoulders to begin the recovery. 

When you successfully complete this video course, you will have added a new tool bag of effective, developmentally sound way to teach the Breaststroke and Butterfly!



The Swim Lessons University DVD's are extremely well done and professionally thought out. Jim Reiser is a master coach, master teacher.
John Trembley
John Trembley
Former Head Swimming Coach at the University of Tennessee
Coach of Olympic Breaststroker Jeremy Linn
Jim Reiser presents a unique and always enjoyable way of teaching. His style and technique of each stroke progression is both innovative and appealing to his students. He stresses fun which is essential to learning.
C. Rob Orr
C. Rob Orr,
Coach of Swimming - Princeton University



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